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New Immigration Practice In West Palm, Florida

New Immigration Practice

We are excited to announce the opening of our immigration practice here at Law Offices of Vastola & Associates! If you or someone you know is in need of assistance for an immigration matter, contact immigration attorney Kate Watson at our North Palm Beach office at (561)721-2500, or our Stuart office, (772)419-0999.

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Contributory Vs. Comparative Fault ~ With Attorney Jeff Vastola

Contributory Vs. Comparative Fault ~ With Attorney Jeff Vastola


Did you know that every State has the right to enact its own tort laws?  One such law is whether or not a person can recover for injuries caused by him or herself.  In today’s blog I’ll explain the concept of comparative fault, it’s really very interesting.

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Collecting a Judgment

Prosecution Without a Witness In North Palm Beach, Florida – With Attorney Jeff Vastola



Due to a recent media frenzy involving a popular singer charged with assault, I was asked to give an opinion as to the likelihood that the State can prosecute a defendant when the star witness decides not to testify.  The State is not completely dependent on the star witness in every case.

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Preparing For a Deposition- With Attorney Jeff D. Vastola

Preparing For a Deposition In Jupiter, Florida – With Attorney Jeff D. Vastola

Preparing For a Deposition

“How do I prepare for a deposition?”  The process can sound scary to anyone who is not familiar with it, but a deposition is simply the attorney’s opportunity to query for more information.  The two most important things to remember are: first, always tell the truth.  Second, if you don’t know the answer, or if you don’t remember the incidents you are asked about, it’s important to make that clear, “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” are appropriate answers.

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Expungement: Know Your Rights with Attorney Jeff Vastola

Expungement: Know Your Rights In Stuart, Florida with Attorney Jeff Vastola

EXPUNGEMENT: “Know Your Rights” with Attorney Jeff Vastola

This next topic is a local favorite.  Every time I mentioned this one on the radio people came out of the woodwork to find out more.  Now that you are on the edge of your seat I suppose I should tell you what it is.

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