PIP claim Time Limits In West Palm Beach, Florida

Insurance claim
The personal injury protection (PIP) portion of your auto insurance, that portion of required insurance that forces a driver’s insurance company pay up to $10,000 to cover medical bills and lost wages after an accident, has recently changed and NOT in your favor!
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Following too Closely In Stuart, Florida

f the thousands of motor vehicle accident cases that are tried in courts over the years, following too closely is the most common cause of those accidents.
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Visiting North Palm Beach, Florida (more silly laws)

Silly laws
If you’ve come to Florida to enjoy some sunny weather, be sure to pay attention to local laws.  If you’re in downtown Pensacola you must have at least $10 with you. 
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What to do if you are in an accident In West Palm Beach, Florida

What ! ! ! !
Some accidents are simple fender-benders but of course many are more serious.  You may require medical care regardless of how “simple” it seems at first.  Here are a few points to remember if you find yourself in either situation:
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Motorcycle Accidents in West Palm Beach, Florida

Three quarters of all motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle and most of the time, the other driver is at fault.  Glare or other view obstructions often render the motorcycle invisible until it is too late.
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Reminder Please don’t Text and Drive In Stuart, Florida

Answering a text takes away your attention for about five seconds. That is enough time to travel the length of a football field!
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Medical Malpractice and Tort Reform In North Palm Beach, Florida

Here in Florida voters passed tort reform legislation, believing the proposed hype that frivolous medical malpractice suits were the cause of huge insurance premiums for doctors.
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How are you impacted by frequent auto accidents in Jupiter, Florida?

Car isurance
Drive defensively!  Use directional signals, pay attention to speed limits and other road signs and check your rearview and side-view mirrors constantly.
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New Time limit to PIP claims In West Palm Beach, Florida!

Insurance claim
The personal injury protection (PIP) portion of auto insurance law was adopted in 1972 to ensure anyone injured in a car accident would be able to quickly get treatment for their injuries. That legislation provided that a driver’s insurance company pay up to $10,000 to cover medical bills and lost wages after an accident.
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OK, So What is a Personal Injury Lawyer In Stuart, Florida?

Personal injury lawyers are legal representatives of people who claim to have been hurt or injured by another individual or entity (private or governmental). The injury can be physical or psychological and is usually the result of a negligent or intentional act. The injury can also be the wrongful death of another person.
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Bad Driving Habits In North Palm Beach, Florida

What ! !
Most of us have some bad driving habits that we might not even be aware of.  But bad habits can cause accidents.  
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Law Offices of Vastola & Associates are on the radio in Jupiter, Florida

Listen to Jeff Vastola LIVE every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm on Seaview Radio.
Each week personal injury lawyers, Jeff and Stuart, present a topic of interest pertaining to Personal Injury Law.
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Emergency Contact Information – Have you updated yours?

Did you know you can provide the Florida Highway Patrol with emergency contact information that they will have in their database if you are ever in a serious accident?  
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Teen Drivers In West Palm Beach, Florida!!!

Here at Law Offices of Vastola & Associates. we have families come to us all the time and ask why when you add your teenager to your auto insurance policy are your rates  probably going to double.
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Turn Signal Neglect Causes Accidents In Stuart, Florida

Those of us who live in South Florida can certainly relate to a recent study that blames over two million accidents a year on failure to use turn signals!
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Don’t Text While Driving In North Palm Beach, Florida…..please

We at Law Offices of Vastola & Associates. want to remind you to pay attention to the road when driving!
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Contract Provisions in Jupiter, Florida

Have you been asked to sign a contract with provisions you don’t understand?  Beware before you sign, the law in Florida when it comes to contracts is that if you signed it, you are presumed to have read it and understood it.
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Silly Laws in West Palm Beach, Florida

Silly laws
Here’s another “silly law” that really isn’t so silly…
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Victim Assistance in Stuart, Florida

Victims have rights!  There are basically three different ways that a victim of crime can recover money because of the crime. 
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Rules of the Road in North Palm Beach, Florida

Rules of the road for Florida can be found at Florida Statute 316, a very lengthy section of laws created to make our roads a safer place.  Here are just a couple.
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